Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meme Sex, Meme Mods, and Meme Fights

The title of this blog sums up the three things memes do when they interact. They can have sex (create a new meme), modify each other, or duke it out (killing one or both). I figured I could use more interesting terms to make the topic a bit more approachable.

When memes have sex they can create new memes. For example, when a flying squirrel meme (aka sugar gliders) has meme sex with a ninja meme, a flying attack squirrel meme may arise. Granted this one may be a bit out there, but the contribution of the parent memes is clear (plus it's fun to think about).

Memes modify each other. A religious meme on abortion may affect a political meme on abortion. A financial status meme may affect a potential car meme. A design for a laser cannon meme may shorten the time table on the global domination meme. The possibilities are endless.

Finally, memes duke it out all the time. And by duke it out, I mean to the death. A "I'm partying tonight" meme could easily be killed by the "I have to work tomorrow morning" meme (or possibly the other way around). Or more seriously, a evolutionism meme could kill a creationism meme.

All three of these things could happen within a single persons mind, or in the process of two people interacting. Either way, it can be fun to think about (or experiment with in your head, because meme sex can be fun).

Coming soon: Meme Replication!

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